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Partner Content: Don’t Get Caught Out

We untangle what ‘risk’ is across a series of short films focusing on why risk matters and how you can make sure your business doesn’t get caught out. In association with Hiscox…

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  • Tax and the future of work

    Many breathed a sigh of relief when Philip Hammond dropped plans to raise self-employed national insurance. But as the number of freelancers keeps increasing, how will taxes change?  Philip Hammond’s first budget at Chancellor of the Exchequer was a bit… Read More

  • Higher quality hires

    Marketing agency The Eleven was bruised by some costly employment decisions in the early days. Founder Ben Gateley says he has now taken a more serious approach to recruitment. ‘People’ is often the cliched response to the equally cliched ‘What’s the… Read More

  • Making micropayments work for journalism

    Blendle is applying the iTunes model to journalism. But can it make micropayments work? As print circulations fall and ad blockers become ubiquitous, the question of paywalls is something most, if not all, newspaper publishers are pondering. One startup is… Read More

  • 10 reasons Menu Next Door didn’t work

    It was a promising, if ambitious, idea: offering the chance to buy a home-cooked dinner from a local amateur cook who lives around the corner. Why couldn’t Menu Next Door make it work? Menu Next Door launched its Brussels-based food… Read More

  • ‘We’ve developed a culture of speed’: Q&A with Jason Goldberg

    Jason Goldberg is founder and CEO of Pepo, a social platform that connects people with similar interests, with a focus on travel. It officially launched in November last year and, like Goldberg’s previous businesses, it’s been released at rapid speed…. Read More


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