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  • courier-issue14-nhs-startup-healthcare
    Can startups save the NHS?
    Several tech founders are trying to break into the NHS. How will their smartphone-powered ideas get on in an institution sceptical of change, underpinned by...
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Partner Content: Don’t Get Caught Out

We untangle what ‘risk’ is across a series of short films focusing on why risk matters and how you can make sure your business doesn’t get caught out. In association with Hiscox…

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  • Motu’s Kashmiri lamb shank rogan josh

    The team behind Trishna, Gymkhana and Hoppers share a lamb curry recipe from their new food delivery venture, Motu. The Sethi brothers, who have been the orchestrators of hit restaurants Trishna, Gymkhana and Hoppers, have turned to the Roobox kitchen… Read More

  • Uber Eats: a Q&A with Uber’s UK food delivery boss

    Uber began its foray into London food delivery in June this year. Uber Eats is currently present in 24 cities in six countries, with plenty more added every month. Will Uber be able to dislodge Deliveroo as the market leader?… Read More

  • Why Quiqup is thinking about groceries rather than restaurants

    One of the smaller delivery startups, Quiqup, is exploring deals with supermarkets, despite the inherent challenges of low margins and umpteen products. Delivering groceries from supermarkets to consumers is far tougher than delivering restaurant food, but several companies are quietly… Read More

  • Echo: a prescriptions app that links patients, doctors and pharmacists

    Emblematic of the coming smartphone revolution in healthcare, Echo is a London-based startup that wants to do away with the laborious business of repeat prescriptions. Getting prescription meds in the post just isn’t as exciting as a new pair of… Read More

  • How to set up a film festival

    Film festivals are being sliced into ever more specific niches (surf, Super 8 and mental health to name a few examples). Underwire festival is unique in the UK, as the only event entirely based on female filmmakers. Since it started… Read More


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