Why Quiqup is thinking about groceries rather than restaurants

One of the smaller delivery startups, Quiqup, is exploring deals with supermarkets, despite the inherent challenges of low margins and umpteen products. Delivering groceries from supermarkets to consumers is far tougher than delivering restaurant food, but several companies are quietly working in the background to find a solution. The delivery company Quiqup is understood to be preparing a partnership with …



Motu’s Kashmiri lamb shank rogan josh

The team behind Trishna, Gymkhana and Hoppers share a lamb curry recipe from their new food delivery venture, Motu. The Sethi siblings, who have been the orchestrators of hit restaurants Trishna, Gymkhana and Hoppers, have turned to the Roobox kitchen for their next venture. Motu (translated as ‘fat man’), serves up high-end curry, brought to your front door by Deliveroo’s riders. Here, …