Inside the White Collar Factory

A new workspace in Shoreditch, although purpose-built, draws on many of the characteristics of old industrial buildings. It’s no surprise the team behind it developed the iconic Tea Building a stone’s throw away.  Courier got an early peak into this ambitious new building. Thousands of people have regularly passed the vast construction site on the south-west corner of Old Street Roundabout …


Q&A Tech

‘We’ve developed a culture of speed’: Q&A with Jason Goldberg

Jason Goldberg is founder and CEO of Pepo, a social platform that connects people with similar interests, with a focus on travel. It officially launched in November last year and, like Goldberg’s previous businesses, it’s been released at rapid speed. In the past decade, he’s also founded Social Median (a social news aggregator), (third party e-commerce) and Hem (own-brand …

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Brexit: Startups fear for EU funding

Mammoth amounts of funding for arts and tech startups are set to be lost when the UK leaves the EU. Who will step in to fill the gap? So far, the UK government’s given no indication that it will replace EU funding initiatives, meaning certain startups engaged in research or technical innovation could lose grants they’ve depended upon for their …