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Two is the magic number: business co-founders share the secrets of their partnerships’ success

The relationship between business co-founders can be the most emotionally demanding in a person’s life. It can also be the factor which determines the success or failure of a company: the double act.  In 2009, the Blackberry was so popular it was being referred to as the Crackberry. It accounted for half of all smartphones being sold. It was even credited …


Retail Workshop

Specialise or shut up shop: the newsagent’s dilemma

Independent newsagents have been squeezed by high street supermarkets and the declining circulations of mass-appeal magazines. We spoke to one which has thrived by getting closer to niche titles. Sandeep Shreeji is a rarity among newsagents. And not just because he’s still standing. Shreeji knows his magazines beyond merely cover prices and delivery dates. He gives customers advice and suggestions and …

Zaha Hadid


Succession planning: What happens when a business founder dies

Businesses are told to prepare for unlikely events – a supplier going bust, a change in the economy or a new competitor emerging. But what to do following the passing of a charismatic founder? In the design industry it’s especially challenging, given that person’s unique creative leadership and their iconic influence on staff, clients and investors.  Many design houses find …