The ultimate cover-up: How London’s buses get their adverts

Reams of vinyl, super-hot hairdryers and £42,000 for three months: the business of splashing advertising over a single Routemaster. Some time around 2014, jet black buses started turning heads when they began trundling around the capital. It wasn’t a radical overhaul of London’s famous red buses; it was a regular number 38 bus, dressed up with an Adidas ad campaign …



Why do all the big tech brands look so similar?

A weirdly familiar look seems to characterise the logos of digital companies. It’s almost impossible not to notice that internet companies appear to be following a fixed manual on their visual style: the play school primary colours and inoffensive sans serif type style have become ubiquitous. That’s before the chirpy tone of voice which is similarly universally employed. Google, Airbnb, …


Retail Workshop

Masterclass: choosing shop locations with Aesop

Thomas Buisson, general manager of Aesop, talks about how the cosmetics company has gone about building a retail estate that’s redefined how shampoo and moisturisers are sold and marketed. Courier: What’s your general approach to picking the right spot for a new Aesop store?  It’s a combination of science and gut. There’s a standard method most retailers use of taking information about people in an area: average incomes, education and …