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Vrumi lets people hire out their homes from 9 to 5

‘Airbnb for office space’ is the easiest way to describe Vrumi, a daytime-only property rental platform. Unexpectedly, the startup has found itself a hit with corporate middle managers. Riffing on the success of Airbnb, Vrumi has added its own twist to the model: renting homes left empty while owners are at work. By adapting a now-well-known concept – short-term lets – Vrumi …



Why do all the big tech brands look so similar?

A weirdly familiar look seems to characterise the logos of digital companies. It’s almost impossible not to notice that internet companies appear to be following a fixed manual on their visual style: the play school primary colours and inoffensive sans serif type style have become ubiquitous. That’s before the chirpy tone of voice which is similarly universally employed. Google, Airbnb, …