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Can startups save the NHS?

Several tech founders are trying to break into the NHS. How will their smartphone-powered ideas get on in an institution sceptical of change, underpinned by a notorious tangle of IT and bureaucracy? A near-sacred institution, the NHS has spent little time out of the public psyche since its inception in 1948. Today, far from being a celebrated feat of public welfare, …



Echo: a prescriptions app that links patients, doctors and pharmacists

Emblematic of the coming smartphone revolution in healthcare, Echo is a London-based startup that wants to do away with the laborious business of repeat prescriptions. Getting prescription meds in the post just isn’t as exciting as a new pair of shoes, a sales bargain or even a humble cookbook. Perhaps more importantly, it often places extraordinary demands on patients with …



The tricky business of online bookings

Why aren’t online booking and review sites such as Yelp and YPlan working out?  Listings, reviews and ticketing should be well-suited to the internet, what with the web’s strength in gathering and organising up-to-the minute information. It hasn’t turned out to be so easy. The recent difficulties experienced by Yelp and YPlan have illustrated that the business of helping people …



Four virtual reality innovations that could change their industries forever

Capabilities in virtual reality are evolving at astronomical rates. Courier spoke to Henry Stuart, CEO of leading London VR studio Visualise, to find out where the most exciting innovations lie. It’s in recent memory, the idea of slipping on a headset and entering a digitally-generated world seemed like a dystopian alter-reality. Moving on from 2010’s cumbersome Oculus Rift headset, today the …


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The dos and don’ts of building a digital marketplace

Dish Next Door, a business promising to create a platform linking home cooks with their hungry neighbours, collapsed in July. What did it get wrong in trying to create a two-way digital market? Dish Next Door (hereafter Dish) thought it was following in the footsteps of modern marketplace giants like Airbnb and eBay – creating a huge, revolutionary platform. But just …

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Alan Yau: The tastemaker does tech

Wagamama founder Alan Yau is one of London’s best known restaurant operators. He’s about to launch an app that he says will be the opposite of Tripadvisor and Yelp. Not long after Naamyaa opened just by the corner of Angel tube station, a scathing review came out from restaurant critic Jay Rayner, panning the ‘infantile palate’ of its excessively ‘sweet and …


How London’s councils are cracking down on nightlife

Dalston in east London has held a near monopoly on the city’s best basement clubs and underground music nights in the last few years. But in response to the growing decibels, litter and complaints from residents, a set of tough measures have been introduced which Hackney’s night time businesses consider draconian. Hackney Council has effectively banned the opening of new …


Why Amsterdam’s Night Mayor thinks London should have one too

One of Sadiq Khan’s earliest announcements after being elected London Mayor was that he would be appointing a ‘Night Tsar’ to support ‘the night time economy’. Inspiration comes in no small part from Amsterdam’s night time mayor that’s being held up as an example to other cities. Come October, City Hall will have spent £90,000 deciding whether London needs a …


‘Is it going to be a black night?’

Police, councils and venue owners are accused of ‘blatant racism’ in blocking nights playing music genres associated with black audiences. 07 Sep 2016 The issue no one wants to discuss on the record about London’s clubbing scene is whether entrenched racism towards black people still exists. It’s alleged that many promoters, venue owners, police and local council officials harbour racist attitudes …

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Unmade: knitting fashion and technology together

After being told it couldn’t be done, the creators of Unmade found the technology possible to launch their unique clothes brand, which allows customers to design their own knitwear online.  23 Aug 2016 What happens when a mechanical engineer, an electrical engineer and a fashion designer get together? The academic disciplines of Unmade’s three founders lie at the heart of …