Dusty Knuckle, east London bakery

Food Retail Workshop

What do retail hirers look for in new recruits?

East London bakery Dusty Knuckle explains how personality and work ethic are more important than baking skills when judging their new recruits.   A big shift in retail recruitment in recent years has been picking personality over experience. The theory goes that learning facts about, say, mobile phone tariffs, can be easily taught but emotional intelligence and charisma can’t, and it’s these qualities that …

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Brexit: Startups worry for London’s talent

The food and tech sectors have been especially buoyed by access to workers in recent years. ‘Talent flight’ has been identified as the biggest threat to London’s startup scene post-Brexit. Some industries are heavily reliant on European workers: around a third of the UK’s tech employees are EU migrants, while one in eight in London’s food scene are from the …