Fashion Manufacturing Workshop

Big in Japan: How Neuba manages transcontinental clothing sales and production.

A British clothing startup, Neuba, has found itself sandwiched between a fashionable Japanese customer base on one side and traditional Indian weavers on the other. Neuba makes casual shirts and t-shirts using a team of eight weavers based in the Indian city of Hyderabad. The highly analogue nature of the production process has been a hit among a niche Japanese …


Courier Life Food

Chanko-nabe, a Japanese Stew that’s healthy and hearty

Like any athlete, a fighter’s food is incredibly important for maintaining peak physical condition. One of the most recognisable fighting body types is that of the sumo wrestler, or rikishi. Their food of choice for piling on the pounds while eating healthy ingredients is a stew called chanko-nabe. Here, Shuko Oda, the head chef of Soho’s Japanese joint, Koya Bar, gives her …