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How budget gyms are muscling out Fitness First and Virgin Active

The relentless cost-cutters that are clobbering Virgin Active and Fitness First. At first glance, something doesn’t quite add up. More people are taking an interest in fitness than ever, the UK gym market is growing faster than anywhere in Europe and yet, the two most dominant firms, Fitness First and Virgin Active, closed more clubs than they opened in the …

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Why people are betting big on boutiquey fitness studios

Hot on the heels of SoulCycle’s explosive growth and £90m annual sales, a bunch of UK startups are attempting to build a blockbuster fitness business out of London. Is there substance behind the lifestyle fluff? 26 Sep 2016 Some 15 months after opening his first site in Holland Park, Core Collective founder Jason de Savary was sweating over securing leases on his next two …