Retail Workshop

Masterclass: choosing shop locations with Aesop

Thomas Buisson, general manager of Aesop, talks about how the cosmetics company has gone about building a retail estate that’s redefined how shampoo and moisturisers are sold and marketed. Courier: What’s your general approach to picking the right spot for a new Aesop store?  It’s a combination of science and gut. There’s a standard method most retailers use of taking information about people in an area: average incomes, education and …

Fashion Tech Workshop

Unmade: knitting fashion and technology together

After being told it couldn’t be done, the creators of Unmade found the technology possible to launch their unique clothes brand, which allows customers to design their own knitwear online.  23 Aug 2016 What happens when a mechanical engineer, an electrical engineer and a fashion designer get together? The academic disciplines of Unmade’s three founders lie at the heart of …