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Cooking with colour: turmeric and squid ink

Pigments – which work by absorbing certain wavelength of light and, unlike dyes, don’t dissolve in water – traditionally come from biological sources. Here, two London chefs use bright turmeric and slick squid ink to create two pigment-packed dishes. by Rohit Ghai, Jamavar Turmeric powder, packed with the lurid orange pigment ‘curcumin’, is often considered to be more about the …


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Granola for Gangsters: a new variation on an old product

Granola for Gangsters has put an unconventional twist to the wholesome and healthy breakfast cereal. For many, granola conjures up images of nice Waitrose shoppers choosing between one brown cardboard package of Dorset Cereals and another. ‘We wanted to rebel against the boring breakfast,’ Sarah Napier, founder of Granola for Gangsters says. From packaging with fun ‘G’ illustrations to the …



Motu’s Kashmiri lamb shank rogan josh

The team behind Trishna, Gymkhana and Hoppers share a lamb curry recipe from their new food delivery venture, Motu. The Sethi siblings, who have been the orchestrators of hit restaurants Trishna, Gymkhana and Hoppers, have turned to the Roobox kitchen for their next venture. Motu (translated as ‘fat man’), serves up high-end curry, brought to your front door by Deliveroo’s riders. Here, …


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Put leftover turkey to tasty use in a Vietnamese salad

Brother and sister duo Yung and An Nguyen from Peckham’s Banh Banh give leftover turkey a Vietnamese twist. All our recipes are the food we’d eat at home. To keep them as authentic and fresh as possible, we have a very small menu and rotate dishes seasonally. In keeping with this, our ‘goi’ salads are made with young, unripened papaya; …


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Berber and Q’s fesenjan roast duck

A Middle East-inspired roast duck recipe from Josh Katz, co-founder of Haggerston restaurant Berber and Q. I got into cooking north African and Middle Eastern-influenced food during my two years at Ottolenghi. I’ve always been surrounded by it; I lived on Edgware Road for seven years, and grew up in Golders Green. Berber and Q came about because I’ve also …


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Festive fried quail with cinnamon, curry leaves and dosa

Gunpowder head chef Harneet Baweja shares his spicy and warming recipe for fried quail. This dish is reminiscent of the kind of quail you get at festivals and food markets in Bombay and Calcutta. It’s soul food, and because it’s hunted, quail is a lot cheaper than chicken. It also captures the avours on the market stalls and is perfect for a …