Martin Usborne and Ann Waldvogel of Hoxton Mini Press

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Hoxton Mini Press: The small publisher that’s created a book-selling brand

People don’t tend to shop for books by publisher. But three years after Hoxton Mini Press released its first photobook, it has built up something of a cult following. Big publishers have long dominated the market for expensive coffee table books, but now a tiny two person book maker is edging its way into people’s living rooms. Hoxton Mini Press’ …

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Brexit: Startups’ EU expansion set to slow down

As doing business in Europe inevitably becomes less simple, speedy and cost-efficient, will startups begin to look elsewhere for suppliers, staff and offices abroad? The big difference between doing business in Europe compared to other countries was its simplicity. New taxes, tariffs, directives and even quotas on British companies trading with European ones will be thrashed out by Theresa May and her team in …

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Brexit: Impact on startups

Will investment dry up? Will talent leave? And what about funding? Courier hears from startups in finance, food, fashion, tech and other sectors on how they’ll be affected. British startups are bracing themselves for a radically different landscape in the wake of the decision to leave the EU. High on the list of concerns for founders are a downturn in …



How to export to India

Whether it’s the links to a colonial past, exoticism, its sheer size or seductive growth rates, British firms keep going back to India, despite the steep challenges of doing business in what is an extraordinarily complex market. Few prospective trading countries trigger the degree of excitement and fear among business owners as India. Its contradictions don’t end there. Home to some of the world’s …

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Go large?

The upmarket burger has symbolised the mass casual dining revolution, jumping from the confines of farmers markets to provincial shopping centres in the blink of an eye. The evolution of the burger over the last few years is an instructive case study of how a food category can be redefined, with the amount of money people willing to spend being …