Athens: The Apocalypse? 1

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Athens: The Apocalypse?

The devastation of the Greek economy has been an absorbing saga over the last year. Beyond the brinkmanship and bailouts, many Greeks have had their lives and livelihoods torn apart. Courier went to see the impact on a workspace for creative startups in Athens. Am I confident about the future? No, no, no. We have no idea what’s coming next,’says …

How startups are surviving the pain in Athens 1

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How startups are surviving the pain in Athens

It may sound innocuous and mundane: capital controls. Yet these two words have had a profound impact on Greece’s small businesses. The measures imposed by the country’s government this summer stop Greeks transferring money overseas and limit the amount of cash they can withdraw. The small businesses in Romantso say the capital controls have hobbled their ability to trade effectively, …