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Why tech startups are advertising on the London underground

They’re unsophisticated, untargeted and seriously old school: so why do London’s tech startups still love tube advertising? Strange as it may seem in the age of Facebook and Google ads, a growing number of London startups are turning to tube advertising to attract new customers and help their brands stand out from the masses. ‘The tube cuts through the noise,’ …



The ultimate cover-up: How London’s buses get their adverts

Reams of vinyl, super-hot hairdryers and £42,000 for three months: the business of splashing advertising over a single Routemaster. Some time around 2014, jet black buses started turning heads when they began trundling around the capital. It wasn’t a radical overhaul of London’s famous red buses; it was a regular number 38 bus, dressed up with an Adidas ad campaign …