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  • ‘I see enough hockey stick projections to open a shop’

    We look for fantastic products, sensible business plans driven by sound unit economics, and sizeable underlying markets with attractive headwinds. Appraising the product is relatively simple for us: we ask whether people love or need it and how likely they are to purchase again. Plausible strategy Assessing the viability of the strategy is much harder. We regularly meet businesses that fail to demonstrate a clear, viable… Read More

  • ‘Being told you have to be superhuman is not helpful’

    I could rattle off a long list of necessary qualities for a founder – ambition, grit, experience, leadership, intelligence, confidence, determination, passion, problem-solving prowess, adaptability and more. Yet being told you have to be superhuman is not helpful; instead I want to share the key attributes of founders I think really move the dial. Just short of unrealistic We look… Read More

  • ‘The product is the company’

    Venture capital is a shoe- leather industry; VCs rack up a lot of miles. Due to the sheer volume of fascinating entrepreneurs and great businesses we meet, the job requires a well-refined system to appraise what a good company looks like. As far as prospective products and services go, you can divide them into three major categories: core technologies; transactions and… Read More

  • Tech or tech-enabled? It’s more than just semantics

    Ishaan Malhi has started a company called Trussle. Its aim is to make it easier for people to get a mortgage. In a casual lunch with an investor, the subject of the company’s technology came up, and the prospects of it developing its own algorithms and even artificial intelligence. Malhi surprised the man when he told him Trussle wasn’t a… Read More