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Three questions: Kids Love Ink tattoo studio, Deptford and Shoreditch

Marcus Broom of Kids Love Ink, which has tattoo studios in Deptford and Shoreditch, invited Courier to check out his workspace and answer three of the most common questions about tattooing.

What are the most common requests?

It’s black and grey sleeves and Christian-based iconography people are asking for. It’s definitely a fashion rather than religious. In the the late 90s, it was tribal and Japanese art, heavily influenced by TV and film. More recently, there was a surge in girls wanting to copy the Cheryl Cole hand thing.

We never advise against a particular tattoo, but the problem ones are typically when someone wants to create something with some big meaning and incorporating a bunch of different random ideas into one drawing.

How much training do you need to tattoo?

You wouldn’t start tattooing a customer until you’ve done two or three years drawing tattoos and extensively practised using the equipment. You’re also expected to use parts of your own body, and then on your friends before you’re let loose on a proper customer.

The crazy thing today is that lots of people are picking up machines off eBay and are having a go without training.

How much does one of your tattoos cost?

It’s not easy to give a quote to a customer, but it’s priced according to the experience and skill of the artist, the complexity of the work and how long it’s expected to take. I charge around £80 per hour.





This story is taken from Courier Summer 2013.