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Monzo’s founder Tom Blomfield: the quiet coder turned enemy of the big banks

Monzo’s founder has combined Silicon Valley zeal with a predilection for publicity to position himself as digital banking’s consumer champion. Will he pull it off? Monzo is hiring. Monzo, it seems, is always hiring; the newly-licensed UK bank is arguably the hottest startup in London right now. ‘We’re working to become the Google or Facebook of banking,’ runs the job …


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‘To do anything well is a struggle’: Simon Mottram, founder of Rapha

In 2004, Simon Mottram unleashed an audacious plan to put his startup, Rapha, at the centre of road cycling. Now the world’s biggest luxury group wants to buy it. Of the four ‘company values’ at Rapha, number three is a strange one: ‘suffer’. The others are rather more humdrum. Not only is it hard to imagine ‘suffer’ on another company’s corporate …

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Alan Yau: The tastemaker does tech

Wagamama founder Alan Yau is one of London’s best known restaurant operators. He’s about to launch an app that he says will be the opposite of Tripadvisor and Yelp. Not long after Naamyaa opened just by the corner of Angel tube station, a scathing review came out from restaurant critic Jay Rayner, panning the ‘infantile palate’ of its excessively ‘sweet and …