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Chanko-nabe, a Japanese Stew that’s healthy and hearty

Like any athlete, a fighter’s food is incredibly important for maintaining peak physical condition. One of the most recognisable fighting body types is that of the sumo wrestler, or rikishi. Their food of choice for piling on the pounds while eating healthy ingredients is a stew called chanko-nabe. Here, Shuko Oda, the head chef of Soho’s Japanese joint, Koya Bar, gives her …

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Home from home

More time is spent at work than at home and yet few people devote the care and attention to their nine-to-five space that gets lavished on where they crash out after hours. Here, seven people who have created spaces especially conducive to working explain what they love about their ‘office’. We also speak to a workspace designer about what makes …


Courier Life Food

Margot and Fergus Henderson’s mid-week dinners

Margot (co-owner of Rochelle Canteen) and Fergus Henderson (founder of St John restaurant) invited Courier to their home in Covent Garden to make mid-week dinners. After more than 20 years at the corner of Seven Dials, they are about to move to Stockwell, but insist both dishes will remain favourites for a long time to come. Pasta and tomato sauce is a favourite among …