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Meet the motorway service stations that are embracing artisan food

Retail has become a cash cow for motorway service stations. Westmorland Family brought in £92m last year from just two outlets thanks to posh sausage rolls. About 30 miles north of Bristol along the M5, there’s an artisan petrol station. Gloucester Services houses an on-site butchers where people pre-order meat, stating whether they’ll be travelling north or south. Many don’t …


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Monzo’s founder Tom Blomfield: the quiet coder turned enemy of the big banks

Monzo’s founder has combined Silicon Valley zeal with a predilection for publicity to position himself as digital banking’s consumer champion. Will he pull it off? Monzo is hiring. Monzo, it seems, is always hiring; the newly-licensed UK bank is arguably the hottest startup in London right now. ‘We’re working to become the Google or Facebook of banking,’ runs the job …


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Two is the magic number: business co-founders share the secrets of their partnerships’ success

The relationship between business co-founders can be the most emotionally demanding in a person’s life. It can also be the factor which determines the success or failure of a company: the double act.  In 2009, the Blackberry was so popular it was being referred to as the Crackberry. It accounted for half of all smartphones being sold. It was even credited …


Tech Workshop

Why tech startups are advertising on the London underground

They’re unsophisticated, untargeted and seriously old school: so why do London’s tech startups still love tube advertising? Strange as it may seem in the age of Facebook and Google ads, a growing number of London startups are turning to tube advertising to attract new customers and help their brands stand out from the masses. ‘The tube cuts through the noise,’ …


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Future faces: three British founders with a fresh take on black hair and makeup

We speak to three founders who are transforming the business of black hair and beauty. What? Makeup brand Why? To make lipsticks that cater to black women When? Founded 2013 Who? Florence Adepoju, cosmetic scientist Incumbents: Sleek, MAC, Iman, Bobbi Brown, NYX MDM Flow is a makeup brand – and a movement. ‘Three years ago I only cared about the product,’ …

Food Workshop

Liquid nitrogen is expensive and dangerous to use. Is it worth it to make ice cream?

The ‘flash-freezing’ effects of a scary chemistry lab substance are being deployed on ice cream. Is it a gimmick or a game changer? For the last six years, Ahrash Akbari-Kalhur has donned his protective gloves and poured liquid nitrogen into his ice cream mixer. Tourists stare as they pass his shop, Chin Chin Labs, in Camden Stables, with its industrial …